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CONTEN.T x COACH ‘What's My Tabby’ Personalized Quiz

COACH, the American fashion brand known for its luxury leather goods, has embraced the digital world in recent years with a notable emphasis on its online presence and digital marketing efforts. In addition to its hyper-focus on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the brand has launched a series of successful digital marketing campaigns, including personalized quizzes and contests designed to engage with customers.

To further enhance the online shopping experience for its customers, COACH has also developed a mobile app that offers personalized recommendations, exclusive discounts, and easy checkout. This app allows users to browse and purchase products directly from their smartphones, creating a seamless and convenient shopping experience that reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation and adaptation in the digital age.

For its most recent Tabby campaign, the brand launched a personalized quiz that helps customers discover the best Tabby that suits them based on their personality.

We’ve partnered with COACH to elevate the overall experience for the ‘What’s My Tabby?’ campaign.

Taking lead on its form and function, we’ve hosted and deployed the experience through its animation and overall experience. Here, we’ve taken the idea of a digital quiz and enhanced it by adding visual cues to each stage of the quiz that leads to a final video that showcases each personalized result in the form of a downloadable video – shareable across the internet. The COACH ‘What’s My Tabby?’ personalized quiz is available not only in South East Asia and APAC region, but also throughout North America.

From this quiz, fans can take part in a series of fun and engaging personality questions, designed playfully with visuals that keep them entertained and engaged throughout the experience. The questions included in the quiz cover a range of topics, including customers’ “main character energy” and other lighthearted themes that align with the brand’s playful and trendy style. As an added bonus, participants will also receive special rewards and prizes for their participation.

To find out the Tabby that best suits yourself, take the ‘What’s My Tabby?’ quiz here.

Personalization is the way to go.

Imagine receiving a hyper-localized, customized campaign tailored precisely to your preferences and interests. Such personalization not only helps you, as a brand, gain a deeper understanding of your customers, but also curates a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves a lasting impression. But that’s just the beginning – imagine incorporating technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a digital quiz, where experiences can become even more thrilling, with boundary-less possibilities.

It’s time to take your marketing game to the next level and create a truly unforgettable digital experience.

To know more, keep up with the latest news and all things AI here. Want to learn more about how Artificial Intelligence can upgrade your digital campaigns? Get in touch with us.

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