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CONTEN.T x Lacoste 'Feed The Crocs' AR Game

French clothing brand Lacoste has immersed themselves in the digital realm as of recent. With the launch of UNDW3 (pronounced "underwater"), a Web3 project that connects the Lacoste community digitally, Lacoste has also opened its Discord server to over 30,000 community members subscribed to be in the loop of all things brand-related. Soon after, the French brand released an NFT collection that connects them to the Web3 ecosystem, giving access to the UNDW3 universe with perks both online and offline.

Continuing its foray into the metaverse this holiday season, Lacoste is bridging the gap between festive shopping and gamification with a unique virtual experience that features a VIP room for those who own Lacoste NFTs, and an immersive game for the full phygital experience to tie along with it.

Lacoste's new virtual store is one "taken through a crocodile's mouth," where fans can find themselves in a showroom featuring five seasonal products – all stoppable and viewed in 360°. Available throughout five major cities, the experience is available for fans from Bangkok, Hanoi, Manila, Jakarta and Sydney to immerse themselves in. Lacoste's Virtual Holiday Store also showcases rooms that include games centred around Lacoste's seasonal Christmas offerings.

According to a McKinsey report, virtual fashion will edge closer to the mainstream with brands expanding into the metaverse as a novel way to engage with high-value Gen-Z audiences.

To do just that, Lacoste taps into the digital realm to gear up for the holiday shopping rush with the launch of a virtual store that includes a VIP room only accessible to UNDW3 token holders. To explore the virtual store, customers can click and drag to browse the store, move the signature Lacoste crocodile around and interact with products virtually to learn more about the latest collection. The Lacoste UNDW3 token also unlocks access to loot boxes released periodically at the VIP room throughout the month, where five lucky token-holders will be randomly selected to score special prizes daily.

To integrate both the virtual and physical store experiences, CONTEN.T has collaborated with Lacoste to launch an immersive game that rolls through five major cities – Bangkok, Hanoi, Manila, Sydney and Jakarta.

To play, customers will need to scan the QR code to activate the Augmented Reality experience. Then, launch the experience where you can customise your Croco with Lacoste stickers and patches. Once ready, save your customised Croco and play the 'Feed The Croco' AR game. From here, collect as many patches by controlling Croco within the time limit to collect points. As fans play and complete the 'Feed The Croco' AR Game, they will be in the running to win special rewards.

The Lacoste AR game is available to play throughout Bangkok, Hanoi, Manila, Sydney and Jakarta.

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