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Kate Spade x Conten.T - Play the Spring Memory Game

The cure to your queuing woes that also rewards you with exclusive gifts.

Our first memory mini game has paved the way for us to be inspired and find ways to create more engaging games using simple yet effective game mechanics that draws you and hooks you in. Check out what we did for our friends at Kate Spade this round for the Malaysia & Singapore market.

The Spring 2021 Collection is inspired by the lure of the ocean, never-ending beaches and endless possibilities. A mix of seascape florals, stripes, polka dots & checks. The Knott satchel seen below is what ties the collection together.

The Goal of this mini game is to tackle a problem that many high volume traffic fashion store experiences and that is long queue times as well as highlight other parts of the recent collection. And what better way to solve this problem by having a mini game that not only gives customers something to do while waiting in-line, but also gives users the chance to win exclusive prizes. The experience ends with a Call-To-Action link to the Kate Spade spring catalog.

To add more engaging elements. A mini game sound is including as well as a 35sec timer that makes the memory match game quite challenging the first time around. I personally could not win the game my first try as I underestimated the difficulty of this relatively simple looking game. However, to keep user frustration low, our game engine is built to become slightly easier the more times you fail and restart the game.

Not only is this game good at killing time, it is also amazing as a way to subconsciously in-grain the fact that users will remember the pictures that they "memorised" and will recognise it the next time they see these pieces. This may (although not scientifically proven) increase likelihood of purchase as seeing these Kate Spade products may invoke a feeling of familiarity. You can try out the experience on here, don't forget to screenshot your voucher!

Don't forget to drop us a line if your brand is looking to explore the potential of future AR-powered campaigns, let's leap into the future one AR campaign at a time.

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