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Diane Bonheur x Conten.T | Bringing you on a Virtual Shampoo Crafting Journey

Ideation turns into a virtual journey across the world in a time when travelling was truly a fairytale as we were all locked-in at home. How did we pull it off?

One of our most magical experiences from 2020 was from our collaboration with Moist Diane for their Diane Bonheur shampoo line. It all started with by coming up with a creative way to give out free samples for their campaign. That's where the idea of bringing their audience on journey across continents while crafting a Diane Bonheur shampoo, learning along the way and ending with them receiving a free sample delivered directly to their home.


Coming up with an experience like this required us to start by understanding what this particular product stood for and which parts of the world did the most important crafting process occur. It was decided that we will start the experience of where it all begins, Grasse France.


The storyboard for the idea is an experience that brings users on a virtual journey across the globe starting with France, where the extraction of the primary flower (Blue Jasmine) essence used in the shampoo is done.

Users can look around the lush environment filled with blue jasmines and an actual 3D photorealistic table that was created to make the environment feel more lived in. As can be seen, flowers are scattered with shampoo bottles all around the table.

Tapping on the blue jasmine reveals a pop-up where users learn more about the blue jasmine and its benefits in this craft shampoo.

One of the animation that was added to give the added feeling of crafting your shampoo is where the bottle fills halfway with the flower extract. A small touch that leaves a lasting impact and is continued throughout the experience.


This part of the experience brings the user to Namibia where the marula plant is extracted and cold pressed into the shampoo. We decided to keep this experience a little more flat as to not overwhelm the users with a similar 360 experience in France.

The interaction, albeit a lot more simple gives Diane Bonheur the chance to let consumers sink in the pop-up details that appear with regards to why the marula plant is important the creation process of this craft shampoo.

A short animation of the cold-press pouring out the extract can be seen at the end that shows the bottle is full and ready to be collected which then users can finally head to the last destination on this journey, Japan.

The end of the experience will have users collect their very own Diane Bonheur shampoo sample.


The final scene brings users to the Diane Bonheur store in Japan. This is where the users input their details to get their free samples delivered straight to their home.

This idea of educating the customers on the creation of the Shampoo and receiving their own sample really helps to humanise the brand in the eyes of consumers. On top of that, the scenes that were created in a 360 virtual environment adds to the engaging experience. The target was to deliver 3,000 free samples across Singapore. However, this experience proved to be so successful that there were 7,000 free samples delivered out across Singapore over the span of 2 months.

Don't forget to drop us a line if your brand is looking to explore the potential of future AR-powered campaigns, let's leap into the future one AR campaign at a time.

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