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Nike's 'Our Force 1' is the latest community-driven chapter in Web3

Nike's latest project is the "Our Force 1" collection that's taking the digital sneaker world by storm. Launched on the .Swoosh Web3 marketplace, this initiative is the first ever that allows fans to own their very own virtual Air Force 1 sneaker NFT, giving the community power and a chance to be involved in future digital sneaker projects.

Celebrating an iconic sneaker in the digital realm

The OF1 collection includes two types of virtual sneaker boxes – the Classic Remix and the New Wave.

The Classic Remix boxes is inspired by the Air Force 1 editions that were released from 1982 to 2006, while the New Wave boxes date from 2007 onwards.

Both editions will feature unique, customized AF1s with nostalgic and futuristic elements, where each box is sold at $19.82 USD, in honour of the Air Force 1's debut year. However, Nike has decided to not accept cryptocurrency as a payment method to access these NFTs.

The .Swoosh Community

Nike plans to airdrop virtual AF1 posters – with keys to unlock OF1 box NFTs – to random .Swoosh members. Minting starts on May 8 for these members, and the entire .Swoosh community can purchase OF1 boxes starting May 10.

The OF1 collection gives fans a say in the creative process, featuring four virtual shoe designs from .Swoosh members. On this project, Nike designers have collaborated with community members to bring their visions to life on the blockchain through this Nike initiative.

Spearheading Digital Sneakers

Nike's earlier digital sneaker project, the CryptoKicks collaboration with NFT sneaker studio RTFKT, saw prices exceeding $14,000 on secondary markets.

With the OF1 collection, Nike opts for a more inclusive approach by offering numerous NFTs at a fixed, relatively low price point. This strategy emphasises community involvement and signals a new era in the digital sneaker market.

The "Our Force 1" NFT collection showcases the potential of NFTs to transform brand engagement and reshape the sneaker industry. By prioritising community involvement, focusing on sustainability, and exploring augmented reality and virtual spaces, Nike is charting a bold course into the future of digital sneakers.

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