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Keeping Up With Fashion in The Metaverse

Prada has since collaborated with adidas yet again to launch a "one-of-a-kind" NFT project. However, they are far from alone in venturing into this new, virtual world of luxury that promises to help win over young consumers and capture lucrative sales.

In some time in August of 2021, Burberry set the stag when it teamed with Mythical Games to launch an NFT in their flagship titled Blankos Block Party, a multiplayer game featuring toys that live on a blockchain, known as "Blankos". Alongside the TB Summer Monogram print, the Burberry collection also included some whacky thematic accessories like pool shoes, a jetpack and more, that can be worn by any Blanko.

A few months later, luxury fashion house Balenciaga collaborates with Fortnite to create virtual clothing and accessories for avatars. The collection was accompanied by IRL physical merchandising to merge both the physical and digital worlds together.

Sashaying into more recent times, Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci has announced a collection of NFTs with global toy and digital collectible company Superplastic. The collaboration is yet to drop 10 NFTs very soon, with each NFT to be given away alongside a ceramic sculpture handmade in Italy that's co-designed by Gucci.

Dressed in pink, Balmain and Barbie supplemented their collaboration that's made up of a combination of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories, with a series of exclusive NFTs - the latter marking Barbie's first foray into the digital art space. From this project, Balmain ushers the doll-maker into the metaverse with a pink-centric collection of denim jackets, handbags, T-shirts, footwear and knitwear.

In other, more familiar news, Gap has revealed its first collection of NFTs in partnership with artist Brandon Sines to give customers the opportunity to own a limited edition Gap hoodie with GAPthreads. Within the past month, BAPE has entered the Metaverse and Nike's first official NFT is on its way.

Now that you're up to date on the whereabouts of the industry within the Metaverse, you can safely say you're all Kept Up With Fashion.

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