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Nike's First Official NFT is Coming

Since the big news of Nike acquiring virtual collectibles studio RTFKT, the duo has since released an NFT series named "MNLTH".

The "MNLTH", which is currently sold on OpenSea, was airdropped to current Clone X holders alongside PodX virtual spaces. RTFKT's Clone X by Takashi Murakami is currently one of the top traded NFT collections in the world with a total transaction of 114,600 ETH (approximately $352 million USD) as of now.

The object features a dark metallic finish with geometric patterns chiseled to overlay the exteriors with the glowing logos of Nike and RTFKT cut out on its laterals. The contents within the boxes are hidden and mysterious, keeping it a good teaser to the project. To top it off, RTFKT comments on its own announcement post with a cheeky "Like this post if you're confused".

Following Nike's takeover of RTFKT in December last year, the "MNLTH" NFT is the first official co-branded product released from the due, and Nike's first-ever NFT.

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