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Inside AYA: Dubai's new immersive entertainment park

A giant immersive light and sound park which aims to transport visitors on a "trip to a beautiful universe" has opened its doors in Dubai.

Spread across 3,700 square metres at Wai City mall, AYA invites intrepid travellers to step foot into a huge universe of vibrant, interactive experiences across 12 different zones, each with its own unique theme and interactive elements.

Launched by parent company HyperSpace, a Future Forward Entertainment company that builds and operates physical parks for a digital world, AYA aims to inspire travellers to play, drift and dream through observatories packed with a million stars, garden of blooming light and a river of colour.

Dubai, a city of the future, has been chosen as the launch destination for the first of its kind experience at AYA, with further HyperSpace entertainment parks planned for the emirate, and other major world cities soon.

"AYA has been designed to evoke wonder and awe in an out-of-this-world trip to a beautiful universe that will light up social media feeds everywhere," says Alexander Heller, CEO of Hyperspace.

He added: "This next generation experience combines entertainment and interactive technology to deliver immersive storytelling in an entirely new way – a first for Dubai and for the world. We look forward to welcoming visitors to experience the AYA universe when we open at WAFI City this month."

Travellers will leave the real world behind to create memories of the future in a vibrant and colourful cosmos. The transformative journey begins by entering the world of Aurora, followed by The Source, Drift, Outland and The Pool zones. Cosmic stars, pools, lush hills and waterfalls of The River zone, The Falls, Celestia, Flora, Tides and Harmonia complete the spectacular experience.

The immersive entertainment park will include 12 different zones, with its own unique theme and interactive elements like gesture control and movement, touch reactive technology, skeletal tracking and projection mapping technology, to name a few.

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