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CONTEN.T X Kate Spade: Let's Go Golfing!

Updated: Apr 29

Our recent gamification was one for the scorecards as we collaborated with Kate Spade to create an exciting mini-golf game inspired by Kate Spade’s recent mini-golf collection which contains products like rings, bags, shoes, and necklaces that feature various elements found on the golf course. Unsurprisingly, we adapted a digital mini-golf game to deliver the theme of this campaign in a relatable and exciting way.

Our main principles for creating a game in collaboration with a brand revolve around 3 key points. Game mechanics, rewards, and visuals. Let’s examine them further.

Game Mechanics

Simple game mechanics often prove to be the most engaging for players. Complex gameplay can introduce friction and result in player drop-off, as understanding varies based on individual gaming experience. For this mini-golf game, the core mechanics are centered around a "drag and release" approach. This method not only mirrors the real-life action of playing mini-golf but also enhances the immersive quality of the game through intuitive finger gestures.


With the brand’s goal of driving conversion kept in mind, rewards in games are almost relatable to having flavors in ice cream, it provides purpose. In this case, players who complete the game receive vouchers that they can use in-store which in turn significantly increases the amount of footfall directed at Kate Spade retail outlets.


When creating a game, there's a unanimous acknowledgment that visually captivating designs hold great importance. In many cases, simplicity is key. The color palette chosen was ensured to resonate with the theme of golf while also seamlessly integrating Kate Spade’s logo throughout the game, reminding players of the brand’s identity. 

The success of this campaign is determined by tracking core metrics such as replay count and player engagement time. Aggregating metrics across regions can typically be a challenge as existing analytics platforms do not provide a centralized hub for cohesive insights. This brings us to SUPERFAN, our very own first-party data framework built for brands to fully leverage crucial consumer metrics from diverse sources like pop-up events, retail activations, and one-off digital campaigns. These untapped data points are key to strengthening brand-consumer relationships and boosting the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

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