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Gucci Leading the Wave with their Ladybug Game

Tap your way through gargantuan veggies and help a young ladybug learn to fly in Gucci LadyBug, Gucci Arcade’s latest installment!

Gucci is no stranger to pushing their approach to marketing further and integrating more immersive oriented experiences. Gucci previously released a duo of 8-bit arcade games to play on the Gucci App, both of which are inspired by the vintage titles of the 1970s and ’80s.

Much like its Alessandro Michele-designed collections, the games are influenced by retro themes that channel the house’s ability to blend the past and the present. The 8-bit games, called Gucci Bee and Gucci Ace, lead players through a journey of Gucci’s history through a series of badges hidden throughout the games. Players can collect and place them into a special trophy showcase and can compare their scores against other players in a worldwide leaderboard.

And now with their latest foray into gamification, they've launched the GUCCI LADYBUG game with mechanics inspired by the once popular and highly addictive game, Flappy Birds.

The combination of a simple gameplay mechanism combined with visually appealing animation is a match made in heaven and keeps people playing and thinking about the brand.

Try out the game for yourself and let us know what you think?

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