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An Immersive Disney film experience is coming soon

Take a magic carpet ride with Aladdin. Step into a brightly lit casita with Miracle and the family Madrigal from "Encanto."

Guests can feel as if they're in a Disney film in Disney Animation: Immersive Experience, opening March 30 at Lighthouse ArtSpace Las Vegas, located in the Shops at Crystals.

Walt Disney Animation Studios is collaborating with Lighthouse Immersive Studios, producers of the "Immersive Van Gogh," for the projection exhibition, which will present music and artistry in the Disney canon. From the "Disney Animation: Immersive Experience," families will be able to walk among the Disney Animation classics of past and present.

In addition to "Aladdin" and "Encanto" films to be represented are "Zootopia," "Frozen," "The Lion King," "Peter Pan" and "Pinocchio." You'll be able to sing along to Disney favourites while being enveloped in the imagery of that song. Wristbands provided to VIP and Premium ticket holders will glow in different colours to sync up with the show, giving attendees an interactive experience.

"I am confident this program will give our guests the opportunity to be engulfed in the world of Disney, making them feel like they're standing next to their favourite characters and seeing the world through their eyes," Ross, Lighthouse Immersive founder says.

Projection mapping is a process where several projectors sync up to create a seamless image that shines along walls and floors. With a past portfolio with Van Gogh projection experiences nationwide, Lighthouse Immersive creates this experience at the forefront of technology – the first of its kind for Disney.

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