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Alo Yoga Launches Wellness and Fashion Metaverse with Roblox

The Alo metaverse on Roblox aims to bring mindful movement to the digital world, consisting of a "Yoga Tent", "Sanctuary" and an online "Alo Store."

The "Yoga Tent" boasts daily videos for users to practice yoga, both in-game and IRL. The "sanctuary" offers a space to meditate with the aim to relax the body and mind. Additionally, Alo has launched a five-piece digital fashion collection in the "Alo Store," which can be redeemed with points gained from participating in the metaverse's yoga classes.

Digitizing the wellness space offers an inclusive opportunity for global consumers to participate with the brand and prioritise wellbeing, on and offline. As a part of this endeavour, with every user that completes the "Mindful Movement" quest, Alo's non-profit foundation, Alo Gives, will donate to mental health organisations.

Right in time for New York Fashion Week, Alo offers a digital ecosystem to unwind and recharge. As the official wellness partner to NYFW: The Shows, Alo will also create a real-life experience of its Sanctuary at Spring Studios in New York City from February 12-14.

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