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YEEZY Gap Engineered by Balenciaga ties in a virtual game experience

If you wanted to become one of the virtually rendered avatars first seen in Kanye's YEEZY Gap collection, then you're in luck. By playing the collaboration's latest digital game experience, users can now become an avatar and try on digital versions of the collection's pieces.

The first drop of the collaboration merged YEEZY's futuristic vision with the dystopian spirit of Balenciaga, and now the brands have taken things one step further, by creating a virtual experience that makes the clothing one step more accessible than before. Users can access the experience by heading to the YEEZY Gap website and scanning a QR code which takes them to the game.

The partnership continues to bring innovation and creativity to the forefront of its utilitarian design. The virtual experience seeks to reflect the brand's fashion to the digital space. News of the digital game comes shortly after the brand announced that the collaborative range will make its way into physical stores later this month.

Head over to the YEEZY Gap website now to play the game and shop the collection.

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