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Wrangler's Latest Wearable Tech is here

Wrangler has teamed up with artist Jeremy Booth, LTD.INC, and the Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) to create a new Web3-integrated wearable, set to be released soon. This collaboration is part of a multitiered partnership.

As a continuation of previous work with LTD.INC, Wrangler is collaborating once again to release a series of phygital products – featuring the upcoming "Western Art Dept." denim jacket to integrate Web3 technology to the next level.

The "Western Art Dept." denim jacket, created in partnership with LTD, includes an NFC tag that links to an NFT designed by Booth. This not only adds to the jacket's collectible value, but also serves as a method of verifying authenticity and confirming ownership.

The denim jacket showcases Booth's vector illustration style in the form of a cowboy hat patch on the right shoulder.

Aesthetics aside, the patch serves practicality, made possible by Sebastian Orellano and the team at POAP. The said patch will enable the first 300 collectors who meet up with Booth at NFT NYC will get to claim an exclusive NFT.

The idea behind the techwear is the creation of an "art uniform", where he took inspiration from Daniel Arsham's art studio lab coats and put his own spin on the said concept. The goal was to design something that celebrated the rich history of Western art and fostered a sense of community around it within the Web3 space, thus giving rise to the "Western Art Dept" jacket.

Booth outlined that the collaboration will roll out in two phases. The first phase involves the debut of the custom Wrangler jacket that was created for him specifically for NFT NYC. This jacket includes the aforementioned POAP integrations, which will enable fans who meet Booth in person to collect exclusive tokens.

As for the second space of the collaboration, Booth reveals that they will be collaborating to produce a limited number of jackets for the public, with further details to be disclosed soon.

Daryl Kenny, the CEO of LTD.INC, spoke about the technical integrations of the jacket, stating that "phygital" launches are becoming increasingly popular among brands and artists. He explained that there is a growing demand for physical goods backed by NFTs, with collectors and creators seeking physical representations of the NFTs they own.

According to Kelly, this crossover offers various benefits, including verifiable scarcity, edition Digital Twin NFTs, on-chain authenticity, traceable ownership history, exclusive content, and enhanced product experiences through gamification and interaction.

Kelly also mentioned that once LTD's white-glove marketplace goes live, secondary royalties and sales will be active for various phygital offerings, offering an additional benefit to creators. He believes that collectibles are an effective way to engage collectors on a deeper level and encourage product interaction, building brand awareness, increasing transparency, and driving loyalty.

Kelly is proud to say that both Wrangler and Jeremy Booth have built brands that focus on the authenticity of Western cowboy culture and are excited to further infuse that authenticity and transparency into the blockchain.

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