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World's First Metaverse ATM Is Here

Decentraland has collaborated with Transak and Metaverse Architects Studio to launch the world's first metaverse ATM.

Since its beginnings, the metaverse has taken tremendous leaps toward recreating the real world and transforming it into a fully immersive virtual experience. Following the announcement of the first pharmacies, banks, and other businesses to operate in the metaverse, it is now time for an ATM.

"Just like an ATM in real life, we wanted to give users a more seamless journey while navigating Web3," the ATM's developers said.

Decentraland, a browser-based 3D virtual world platform, has collaborated with Transak payment gateway and Metaverse Architects Studio to develop and launch the world's first metaverse ATM. The Transak ATM will allow customers to buy Decentraland's native cryptocurrency 'MANA,' as well as any other cryptocurrency, using fiat currency from within the metaverse. The ATM is intended to provide a new experience to metaverse users by making Web 3.0 transactions similar to using ATMs in the real world.

The ATM Transak development team hopes the solution will increase conversion rates in the metaverse store. It is also expected to reduce the knowledge gap required to operate in Decentraland. In addition, developers will also be able to explain how property owners in the metaverse can integrate ATM solutions to monetise digital real estate.

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