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Timberland x CONTEN.T deploys RETAIL and HOME AR in 4 countries

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

This Chinese New Year festive season has seen a lot of interest from brands for engaging immersive campaigns as the pandemic still continues to keep us indoors.

We collaborated with Timberland to launch an AR campaign that focused on driving sales and footfall to their stores through the use of a voucher lucky draw mechanism as well as online sales with engaging home experiences. Launched in 4 countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan, it was one of our biggest CNY campaigns to date. Let's take a look at how we pulled it off.


Using our RETAIL AR platform to create campaigns allows our client to be more flexible with what they want in terms of the overall UIUX, features and CTA's. For this campaign we combined both AR directly on web and having custom "wishes" on IG for a sharable experience.

One of the highlights of the experience is our Image marker-based AR tech where customers can reveal their vouchers after interacting with the CNY timberland 'Tree" 3D animation.

As the vouchers are only available in-store, this drove footfall to multiple Timberland stores in Singapore with the impressions for the voucher mechanism with more than 22,000 unique impressions throughout the month-long campaign.


This addition to the campaign allows users to share custom CNY wishes directly on IG to create more social traction for this campaign. We had 2 types, one in English and another in Chinese to cater to all regions.

With multiple options and the headshot feature, each custom wishes created are unique to the individual and this encourages them to share directly on their IG story which in turn drives more traction for Timberland regionally.

The stats showed that throughout the campaign there was more than 50,000 impressions with more than 1,000 shared across IG.


For any campaign, be it digital / AR based, it is always good to set aside budget to push out ads on Social media as this is the best way to get your campaign out there. Without a proper marketing plan, an amazing campaign will not be seen by people who may enjoy it and that is opportunity that we always never want to miss.

Don't forget to drop us a line if your brand is looking to explore the potential of future AR-powered campaigns, let's leap into the future one AR campaign at a time.

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