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This is the first escape room in the Metaverse

LOST, a Hong Kong-based real-life escape game company, launched the world's first escape room in the metaverse - LOST in Metaverse, where players can enjoy games while earning rewards and attaining knowledge all at once. The initial experience is set to debut in 15 May 2022.

Creating unique gaming experiences while merging what's available offline, LOST in Metaverse hosts a series of immersive adventure games online and/or offline where players can switch seamlessly between the physical and virtual worlds to complete a variety of tasks to earn metaverse tokens and limited NFTs. By holding the puzzles and riddles, unlocking the treasure boxes and moving through the storyline, players will unlock secrets and hints that lead them to the way out.

Similar to its physical escape room, LOST also has another line targeted to children ages 6 to 14 - namely LOST Junior, an experiential education-oriented room that encourages learning through storytelling, science explanations and social skills by playing and collecting rewards - be it independently, or with teammates.

"The whole concept of LOST in Metaverse is to create a play-to-learn, play-to-earn experience where players can form teams with friends online and solve mysteries together in the comfort of their homes. Riding on this phygital model, we will explore and welcome cooperation with different partners to build their own branded escape rooms to raise awareness and market value. In the future, LOST looks forward to building a virtual world based on Web 3.0 and will be named as LOST Island - an ultimate game world of a gaming ecosystem with infinite possibilities, defining the new GameFi," says Mr. Rick Woo, Founder of LOST.

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