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The Rising Participation in Virtual Experiences

The gaming landscape is already home to tons of user-generated content, virtual goods and environments, and it offers an easy entry point for those who might otherwise be nervous about exploring the metaverse. People already familiar with Minecraft, for instance, are happy to try new virtual experiences within the games, like concerts and events, because they're already familiar with the landscape.

The gaming environment holds added advantage of being an excellent landscape for the development and testing of new technology, like AR and VR mechanics alongside content moderation, cryptocurrency and so on. According to studies, participation in the metaverse is already growing at a phenomenal pace within the gaming landscape with these key statistics:

65% of people have engaged in a media experience like watching an in-game TV show, movie, or premier on a gaming platform or participating in a live concert.

69% of people have taken part in social activities, like socialising, meeting new people, or travelling to digital environments in a gaming environment.

72% of people have taken part in metaverse economic activity, like purchasing in-game items, investing in in-game currency, shopping at virtual marketplaces, or trading with other players in the gaming landscape.

The gaming environment provides an easy entryway to a host of social, media, economic, and even enterprise-level experiences in the digital world. We already have endless examples of the overlap between the physical and digital environment with gaming. This overlap is becoming even more evident as we invest in a wider number of "digital" events following the pandemic and implement new technology like extended reality into the experience.

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