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The perfume industry is now getting into the metaverse

"Will we one day be able to wear perfume in the metaverse?", is the question one would ask. It may seem impossible, but that's not stopping brands from presenting their new scents in these parallel worlds.

Armani Beauty has done just that by teaming up with "Fortnite" to promote its new fragrance. In a field of all possibilities, the metaverse now allows people to purchase virtual fashion and accessories, to see exhibitions or to attend concerts. But these new worlds at the frontier of reality are above all favoured by brands seeking to gain visibility among their prime target, Generation Z, which masters these worlds like no other – even if only a minority have actually set foot in them.

As a result, some brands have decided to go big, pulling out all the stops to stage initiatives in places where consumers are actually present – i.e., in the world of gaming, a form of metaverse that is enjoyed by billions of people around the world.

Armani Beauty has now partnered with one of the most popular games, "Fortnite," to promote its new mens fragrance "Code".

Evidently, it's not a question of testing the new fragrance online, which is impossible for now. Here, it's about encouraging users to take part in an immersive experience called "Rewrite the Code" as a means of discovering the scent – in turn making as many people as possible want to try it – and buy it.

"In a world where time flows backwards, players race through maze-like speed runs to collect the numbers needed to unlock the Armani Code building and the Armani Code Parfum bottle, in order to harness its magnetic power to put the world forwards again," explains the brand on its Instagram account. Through this game, players have the opportunity to get acquainted with the bottle, its ingredients, and especially the scent's wider universe.

Creating your own world, or a themed space in the metaverse allows brands to present their new products, while also building customer loyalty, and even creating a community.

Brands like Balenciaga, Gucci, Hermès and Dior – among others – have understood this perfectly, and have all jumped into the world of gaming and, even more broadly, into these new virtual worlds. Indeed, these brands already have strong communities, and the metaverse can offer them many new possibilities.

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