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The Hundreds Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Launch of Immersive Metaverse Experience

The hundreds recreate Fairfax and former brick-and-mortar stores with an immersive digital experience in collaboration with

The renowned Los Angeles streetwear brand The Hundreds is marking a significant milestone this year as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since its establishment in 2003 in a small office in Rosewood, the brand has garnered widespread recognition for its distinctive guerrilla marketing tactics, captivating graphics, and strategic collaborations. From humble beginnings, The Hundreds quickly amassed a dedicated global fanbase through its blog, chronicling the founders’ streetwear journey and gaining traction in an era preceding the dominance of social media.

In its two-decade journey, The Hundreds has witnessed the ever-evolving landscape of streetwear culture. While its physical locations expanded to Santa Monica, San Francisco, and New York, the brand also experienced changes, including relocating from Rosewood to Fairfax and closing some physical stores. However, The Hundreds always continued its commitment to innovative storytelling.

Embracing the future of commerce, in 2021, The Hundreds ventured into Web3 by introducing the Adam Bomb Squad NFTs collection. This collection consisted of 25,000 digital assets that served as an extensive library chronicling the history of the iconic Adam Bomb character. Representing various iterations of Adam Bomb with backgrounds inspired by patterns and camouflage designs throughout the years, the collection authentically captured the brand’s essence. The Hundreds pushed the boundaries of e-commerce innovation in the digital realm, employing token-gating and exclusive collections featuring ABS-unique NFTs.

Now, The Hundreds is poised to embark on another innovative venture by offering an immersive metaverse experience. In collaboration with some. place, the brand has reconstructed the Fairfax district and its former store locations using Unreal Engine 5. The metaverse platform employs token gates, which grant access to specific rooms when a wallet holding the ABS and BBS NFTs is connected. This unique digital experience aims to bring together The Hundreds community for shopping and socializing, transcending the boundaries of traditional gamification.

Co-founder Bobby Hundreds expressed his excitement about the project: “We’re recreating our Fairfax neighborhood in the metaverse right now with our friends at some. place. We’re building out our stores how we imagined them to be in the metaverse, and this unique digital experience is meant for our community to come together, shop and socialize, rather than gamify.”

Starting on May 24th, beta access to this digital experience will be available to fans and enthusiasts.

As The Hundreds commemorates its 20th anniversary, it continues to push the boundaries of innovation in streetwear culture. By embracing the metaverse and leveraging NFT technology, the brand offers a glimpse into its rich history while creating an immersive space for its global community to connect, explore, and engage. With its legacy of captivating graphics and steadfast commitment to authentic storytelling, The Hundreds is poised for another era of success in the dynamic world of streetwear.

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