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The Godfather of Streetwear has Entered the Metaverse

As talk of everything Metaverse continues, Godfather of Streetwear, Hiroshi Fujiwara, too, publicises
his entry into the digital world of NFTs with "NON FRAGMENT TOKEN" in the works.

"NON FRAGMENT TOKEN" Graphic via Instagram

The Japanese fashion designer and trend leader took to Instagram to share a graphic appearing to be a teaser of an upcoming NFT launch between his fragment design brand and professional skateboarder Mark Gonzales. The graphic features some playful elements resembling the iconic fragment lightning bolt logo alongside a part of Gonz's signature angel figures. Finishing off the teaser, the graphics sign off with the phrase "NON FRAGMENT TOKEN" with a text indicating "Launching Soon".

Behind The HYPE: fragment by HYPEBEAST

While the Godfather of Streetwear meets Nike and Adidas in the Metaverse, we're excited to see who's next to join in the (digital) party.

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