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The Brands That Have Been Conquering the Virtual World

Not long ago, the virtual world was a go-to setting for dystopian science fiction films. But in today’s post-pandemic reality, where consumers demand physically-disconnected & emotionally-connected interactions with brands, the virtual world offers limitless possibilities to luxury houses.


Gucci also tapped on the NFT craze and started a pricing model for their digital AR try-on directly on their Gucci app. With news media taking on stories like this, other brands that have no plans to integrate AR should definitely start planning their marketing budget for interactive immersive experienes such as AR.

For now, there is a tremendous opportunity for luxury brands to define what a luxury experience should look like in the virtual world. And brands that master the characteristics of the virtual world will engage even passive followers and develop positive consumer perceptions.


Luxury powerhouses Louis Vuitton and Burberry are already designing memorable experiential interactions. These brands immerse the shopper in an alternative reality, where the most pleasurable experiences are enhanced, and shopping becomes an extension of themselves.


Another example is Christian Dior. The French Maison used VR headsets to offer luxury customers a “behind-the-scenes peek into exclusive fashion shows.” And according to Certona, selected shoppers were invited to test the company’s VR headsets and view the haute couture collection in Paris from a Christian Dior boutique on a different continent.

The IKEA Immerse app empowers consumers to design and experience their furniture configurations via virtual living and kitchen room sets. Likewise, the Taobao Buy app creates an “AR-infused shopping experience” where real-world images are blended with 3D images, according to VR Scout.

According to Vice and Alibaba’s official figures, an hour after its first launch day, 30,000 people tried its AR shopping program, Buy+. And while Alibaba’s triumph in this realm is remarkable, the success some luxury brands have found with similar initiatives is even more impressive.

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