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The AR Game that Made $207 Million in a Month

You may be wondering, what exactly is Augmented Reality? Well, it is a technology that lays digital information over the real world that could include sound, images and text. AR enables reality to be augmented, as it is seen through a digital device.

Pokemon GO

the AR Game Changer

Software development company Niantic created this gaming app, allowing users to find and catch Pokemon by exploring their real life surroundings through augmented reality.

Taking a cherished franchise, Pokemon GO is undeniably a game changer in its time. Being a pioneer with Augmented Reality (AR) in games, the mobile game managed to put itself in the hands of millions of smartphone users. Its concept is simple - the Pokemon are pinpointed on a real world map, and when you get to the location, you use your camera to capture them in the 'real world' via your phone screen.

Scanning a PokeStop via Pokemon GO

This augmented reality game became a global phenomenon that generated $207 million throughout its first month - more than any other mobile game. Within its first three months of release, Pokemon GO became so popular that it accounted for 45% of gameplay time among the Top-20 Android games.

Purely in terms of AR, the marketing potential was unimaginable. What Pokemon GO has demonstrated is that, given the right motivation, people will be willing to use AR to interact with the world around them. Adopting this concept, it gives the opportunity to display ads in more innovative ways, among others, reaching audiences more accurately.

Pokemon GO Tour via Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has sparked life into the use of AR and mobile gaming. In turn, the marketing industry has to stand up and take notice. After all, if these innovative and effective ways to advertise can come from a simple mobile game using AR, where else can they be found?

Our take, all in all is that advertising and technology have always gone hand in hand. Businesses will need to make sure they are ahead and leading the charge to keep up with times moving forward.

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