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Step into the Mystery with Hasbro's Exclusive Clue Immersive Instagram Murder Game Series

The inaugural global online version of the classic murder mystery game was launched at an exclusive New York event on Tuesday evening, hosted by Ashley Flowers of 'Crime Junkie' fame.

To celebrate the launch of the latest version of the iconic board game, Hasbro is giving Clue a social media makeover. The four-week-long Instagram event, kicked off with a two-hour memorial experience for the game's famous victim and villain, Boddy Black, hosted by podcaster Ashley Flowers of 'Crime Junkie' fame. Attendees were invited into Black's home to collect clues, interrogate featured Clue actors, and solve the mystery behind his death.

"As someone who's been captivated by intricate plots, unexpected twists and thrilling investigations, I'm thrilled to bring that same excitement to this launch party," Flowers tells The Hollywood Reporter. "My goal was to create an immersive experience that leaves attendees feeling like they've just solved a real-life crime."

By combining experiential, digital, and physical elements, the classic Clue board game experience was brought to life at the launch event, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the beloved narrative. Ashley Flowers of 'Crime Junkie' notes that the event not only pays homage to the game's traditional roots but also showcases its ability to evolve and adapt to the modern age. This is a testament to Clue's lasting appeal and its power to captivate players of all generations.

Using motion capture and Unreal Engine technology, the Instagram game features a diverse cast of Mr. Boddy's guests from the latest Clue chapter, including Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mayor Green, Chef White, Solicitor Peacock, and Professor Plum. These characters have been re-imagined as metahumans, and the game promises to unfold daily, with new evidence, suspect testimonies, witness statements, and first-person accounts shared with players around the world. The game officially launches on March 2.

To enhance the online game experience, Hasbro has teamed up with McLaren, the British automotive manufacturer, fashion designer Halston, and Ring, Amazon's home security and smart home company. These collaborations will integrate real-life brands into the game, anchoring Clue's iconic characters in a more immersive real-world experience.

Additionally, each week, Ashley Flowers will provide case recaps on her personal Instagram, where she will analyze new findings and offer predictions about the murderer for both fans and players alike.

“By expanding storytelling across multiple digital and physical formats, we’re breaking new ground for the original murder mystery game,” said Adam Biehl, senior VP and General Manager, Hasbro Gaming, in a statement.

“We’re thrilled to provide fans across the globe the opportunity to, for the first-time ever, see their favorite CLUE characters jump from the recently refreshed game board and into the real world of social media for a captivating crime-solving experience unlike anything seen before.”

Over the past 70 years, Clue has become one of the world's most beloved board games, selling more than 150 million boards. The game has been updated over a dozen times throughout its 75-year history, with numerous extensions and licenses that have allowed it to be reimagined in countless ways. The latest iteration, launched in January 2023, features new twists on classic mystery storylines, a diverse cast, highly stylized game pieces, and a new location: the Tudor Mansion.

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