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Spotify is currently beta testing a new feature called "token-enabled playlists".

Spotify is currently testing a new feature called "token-enabled playlists" that provides access to playlists exclusively for users who own NFTs, indicating that the company is interested in exploring the NFT market.

Users who own NFTs will have the option to link their wallets, such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow, Ledger Live or Zerion, to the Spotify app. Once authenticated, the NFT that allows access to a specific playlist will be verified, and the user can then listen to the playlist.

At present, the beta test is limited to a select group of NFT communities, including Kingship, a metaverse band owned by Universal Music Group, Overlord, a gaming ecosystem, Fluf, an NFT character community, and Kevin Rose's Moonbirds.

As of now, Overlord has revealed that owners of its Creepz lizard NFTs can use their tokens to access the community-curated "Invasion" playlist, while Kingship has created its own playlist featuring their favorite songs from artists like Queen, Missy Elliott, Snoop Dogg, Led Zeppelin, and others.

Currently, token-enabled playlists are only accessible to users of the Spotify app on Android devices in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. It is still uncertain whether this feature will become a permanent fixture in the app.

A Spotify spokesperson confirmed the beta test explained that the company regularly conducts tests to enhance the user experience. Some of these tests end up being integrated into the broader user experience, while others serve as valuable learning experiences for the company.

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