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Snapple now has a nostalgic 90's Bodega you can visit virtually

Beverage company Snapple has built a virtual corner store à la New York City in Decentraland, a Web3 gaming platform.

For millennials and Gen-X'ers, Snapple's iced tea/juice drink may not have been as flashy as Coke - but it certainly took that generation by storm with its extensive flavour line and snarky television ads that kept folks addicted to its aura. The nostalgic 90's brand made a name for itself through its timeless marketing of its iced tea and juice concoction being made from "the best stuff on Earth" - becoming the seventh-largest food and drink company in the United States.

Now, the Dr. Pepper subsidiary has announced the opening of the first-ever blockchain bodega shop inside Decentraland. Inspired by New York's digital shopping experiences, Snapple's new digital bodega invites users to engage in an interactive experience featuring the brand's revamped beverage line - Snapple Elements.

Displaying that "traditional corner store" culture, the bodega's colourful designs and welcoming atmosphere gives its patrons both a revamped line of product, as well as a sense of adventure in its branded scavenger hunt game.

Of the many activities that the experience offers, players can browse the aisles of snacks, play scratch-and-win instant lottery cards - and even pet the bodega's very own cat!

Paying tribute to its 90's bottle cap "real facts," Snapple invites users to purchase the beverages in real life so they can once again, look underneath that bottle cap to find an NFT claim code that will enable access to coupon rebates and NFT wearables inside Decentraland.

This is not the first time Snapple has ventured into Web3. Last May, the company released an NFT collection which sparked what now seems to be a more extensive campaign aimed at consumers who are interested in both the beverage and Web3 space. To further push its virtual Bodega, Snapple has also engaged a number of renowned Twitch streamers to actively promote the installation via social media.

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