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Snapchat Announces New AR Shopping Feature 'Dress Up'

Users can virtually try on items using AR-ready assets.

Snapchat has recently announced a new feature titled "Dress Up," which allows users to engage with new AR shopping experiences via a dedicated destination in the app. The new tool, which can be found in the app's Lens Explorer, streamlines the process of discovering various brands and retailers that offer AR shopping experiences.

Additionally, Snap unveiled new software tools, including its 3D Asset Manager and AR Image Processing technology, that will help businesses create Snap AR content for their product detail pages. In a blog post, the company shared an example of one new lens, which lets users instantly overlay virtual clothing on their body by simply scanning their silhouette.

Snap also revealed its new Camera Kit for AR shopping, which will allow retailers and brands to implement catalog-powered Shopping Lenses into their owned and operated applications so that consumers can try on or visualise products in more interactive ways. Users can like and save items they've tried and continue trying out more items by going to a new shopping section from within their Profile. Users can then return to outfits they've saved, recently viewed, and added to their cart.

Dress Up will also feature sections for creator content where people can share their ideas and reviews, where brands can market and share ideas for their products. All these features are responsive to consumer behaviour and will change based on what the user likes, how they interact with the platform and even their selected region.

As part of the new update, Snap announced that Puma is the company's first global brand partner to utilise the aforementioned technology. Within the partnership, consumers will now be able to virtually try on Puma's range of sneakers using Snap's Camera Kit.

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