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Ryo Virtual Scalp Lab Experience

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

One of our most recent campaigns saw us recreating and reenvisioning a virtual scalp lab for the Korean hair and scalp care brand, Ryo. For this web-based virtual world, we prioritised photo-realistic 3D and 360-degree scenes that is also lite and easy to render for the 4G internet limitations as well as curating a journey that educates the users of the 3 key points in creating the latest line of scalp care Ryo shampoos.

The ideation process began by using the actual Ryo headquarters and scalp lab as the inspiration behind creating our interpretation. We created an outdoor scene for the first part of the experience so that users can actually feel like they are walking into the scalp lab itself. The outdoor scene shows the Scalp lab with similar textures to the actual Ryo Scalp Lab and users are greeted by 2 Ryo shampoo bottles on each side.

When users enter the Scalp Lab they are greeted with a giant bottle that tap to trigger a pop-up. this giant Ryo shampoo bottle is housed within an animated frame that really showcases the lighting and 3D creation. Within the experience, there are a number of pop-ups that educate users as well as make the overall experience more engaging. the walls of the scalp lab house 3 LED screen that each play a campaign video.

There are 3 main sections within the experience which are the Technical section, Materials section, and Sensory section. Each plays its own role within this virtual world experience. All sections include a custom 3D table to house all the elements, some also being animated from scratch.


This section is meant for users to learn more about the technological advances that make this new shampoo more effective. we use a lot of infographics as well as pop-ups to explain in detail. There is also an animated robotic arm to emphasize the technological advances done by Ryo.


This is one of our favourite sections as we rendered each ingredient individually for a more photorealistic effect as well as showcasing how lighting can affect how the scene is viewed. This section is where all the ingredients are laid out with the main focus being the ginseng ingredient. The custom beakers at the very back were all done in 3D and the viewing angle for this section was deliberately done in a way where it feels as if the user is standing over the table.


for the final section, we head to the sensory section where it showcases all the 7 products that make up the new collection. Each has its own tap to trigger buttons so users can actually find out the benefits and how to implement each product into their daily scalp care routine. Each product is 3D created and rendered individually to make it look as photorealistic as possible.

With any digital campaign, there is usually an objective in mind. For this campaign, the main objective is to redirect users to their e-commerce site and encourage them to make a purchase. To achieve this we created a puzzle game built a memory/puzzle game that rewards users with a discount voucher. at the end of the game, they receive their code and are prompted with a button to go to the Ryo e-comm site. This strategy is a tried and tested way to reward users for participating as well as increase the likelihood of them converting into a customer.

This campaign is currently still ongoing and if you would like to try it out and win the discount code for your new Ryo shampoo click here.


Don't forget to drop us a line if your brand is looking to explore the potential of future immersive digital campaigns, let's leap into the future one digital campaign at a time.

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