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Rimowa Voyages Into The Metaverse With NFT Luggage

Carrying its world traveler into the digital realm with exclusive luxury suitcases backed by NFTs.

Rimowa has traveled out of its home in Germany to bring its unique materials and exquisite craftsmanship of physical luggage into the metaverse. Today, LVMH's Rimowa has partnered with Nike's RTFKT to feature 888 – a symbol for financial prosperity and good luck – NFTs backed by limited edition physical luggage.

Attracting new Web3 enthusiasts and ages of Rimowa fans into the metaverse, the collaboration will combine physical and virtual artistry with exclusive Original Cabin Rimowa suitcases – issued first as digital assets.

Committed to prioritising innovative designs and practicality to traveling, Rimowa has entered the metaverse to further prove its originality cannot be duplicated – the same way the soon-to-be-released NFTs cannot be replicated. By leveraging the metaverse, Rimowa has developed a new 3D e-commerce experience through OnCyber to meet the ever-changing needs of travellers worldwide in the virtual environment.

Expanding its years of luggage expertise with the current digital evolution, Rimowa is attracting newcomers to travel into the metaverse and join the established Web3 community and space by partnering with RTFKT.

Purchased by Nike in December 2021, RTFKT is noted as one of the first luxury brands to operate in the NFT space with its sold-out digital sneakers that have been purchased for more than some physical sneaker collections today. Following RTFKT's conventional riddles and quests, Rimowa will look for its community participation in unlocking access to the exclusive drop and limited-edition products in a new interactive campaign. On October 27th, users will be invited to solve a variety of challenges together to uncover the "hacked" Rimowa x RTFKT Space Station – which requires reactivation in order to mint one of the rare NFTs. Those able to attain the limited supply of NFTs will be able to forge the token for a redeemable physical version of the suitcase.

"This collaboration is a fantastic opportunity for two brands who excel in their fields to come together to create products that can live both in the digital and physical realm," said Emelie De Vitis, Chief Marketing Officer at Rimowa.

As part of Ramona's mission to develop unique products where function coexists with luxury, RImowa hopes to bring its creativity into the virtual landscape by introducing and immersing its supporters in the next generation of brand engagement through the metaverse. "To enter the Metaverse with RTFKT is truly exciting, as it allows us to explore what travel means there. It's a space that takes creativity and collaboration to great heights and offers new ways to engage with different audiences," added De Vitis.

Rimowa will also unveil a range of digital assets like Avatar Wearables and Space Robot Worker NFTs with RTFKT to transport the physical suitcases function into the metaverse for the first time.

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