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Revolutionising Sneaker Industry Standards: SOL3MATES, the Web3-Based Brand leading the way

SOL3MATES, a sustainable luxury sneaker brand aims to focus on tackling issues regarding waste reduction, promoting creative inclusivity, and fostering innovation within the region.

Chalhoub Group, a prominent luxury partner in the Middle East since 1955, has recently revealed the launch of its Web3 sneaker brand, SOL3MATES. The brand's objective is to tackle production waste while empowering its community and designers through an engaging and interactive creative process.

On the topic of Web3 luxury brands, Chalhoub Group has had experience within the industry, working with big names like LVMH and Christian Louboutin, and now venturing into digital sneakers moving forward. SOL3MATES aims to encourage innovation, creativity, and storytelling beyond the boundaries of what's currently possible. The brand's approach will revolve around creating immersive and engaging experiences that involve collaboration among community members throughout every step of each sneaker journey.

Nick Vinckier, the Head of Corporate Innovation and Founder of SOL3MATES, shared that "SOL3MATES aims to be the small snowball that creates an avalanche of positive disruption in the sneaker industry, together with its community and the designers we'll collaborate with."

To start, the brand has collaborated with Kacimi Latemè, a French designer well-known globally for his viral sneaker concepts and previous work with numerous leading designers like Vitaly and Natasha Zinko.

With every sneaker drop, the brand will collaborate with a new designer from around the world, working together and giving opportunity for creatives to direct their collections. Based on leaks and brand promo videos, the first collection by Latemè will be inspired by natural environments and lines that represent the constant movement of the elements – something the French designer is well-loved for.

"Concerned with comfort, aesthetics, and the use of materials, Latemè designs through lines, curves, and waves combined in a fluid structure where the sneaker constantly evolves to become part of the landscape," wrote the brand.

The French designer shares that "the most important aspect of this new brand is that it allows me to get in touch directly with the sneaker community," adding that "the SOL3MATES members will be involved throughout the entire journey. I'll be able to build a relationship and share the story behind my designs. The innovation and creativity of the brand is what compelled me to work together with SOL3MATES."

As part of its initiative to disrupt sneaker industry norms, particularly regarding waste, the brand's first collection will be available through a preorder in limited quantities. For those interested in becoming "SOL3MATES" and not consumers, as the brand would say, there will be an opportunity to mint an OG NFT Pass very soon.

The pass will include a variety of perks including pre-access, preferred pricing, free shipping, and priority delivery on all of the brand's sneaker drops – including its first with Latemè.

Other benefits include access to meet-ups, exclusive experiences, giveaways, access to a variety of sneakers at retail prices, free merchandise and more to be announced soon according to the brand. Notable details of the sneakers themselves include NFC-authentication integrations, AR augmentation, and a virtual twin that will be wearable on platforms like Decentraland.

"SOL3MATES will be to the sneaker industry what the lace is to the shoe: the element that ties it all, that brings the physical and the digital together, and that links the sneaker community with the Web3 community in an original way," said Michael Chalhoub.

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