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Prada Crypted's Timecapsule NFT Collection Celebrates One Year

with its 41st drop featuring a newly inspired physical garment, NFT, and a chance to attend Prada Mode Tokyo for one lucky holder.

Prada Cypted, which is the NFT platform associated with the well-known luxury fashion brand Prada, has declared the upcoming release of its 41st Timecapsule Collection on May 4.

To commemorate the first anniversary of the Timecapsule collection, the upcoming release marks the 12th drop in the series, offering community members a chance to buy a limited-edition physical garment that comes with NFT clones. The Timecapsule collection releases on the first Thursday of every month and is only available for purchase during a 24-hour window.

For the 41st Timecapsule drop, Prada is introducing the first of three unisex tank tops that draw inspiration from basketball jerseys' style. The garments are made using up cycled fabrics from Prada's archive.

Similar to previous drops, each item in the 41st Timecapsule collection will include a gifted NFT, which serves as an invitation to join Prada's exclusive Crypted NFT community on Discord. The release marks a celebration of the brand's efforts to merge its rich heritage and creativity with innovative technology. By utilising archived materials, Prada is able to offer collectors a phygital experience.

Moreover, Prada is providing an opportunity for one lucky member of its Discord community to attend Prada Mode Tokyo on May 12 and 13. The event will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum and will transform the venue into a unique space that offers guests a chance to experience art in various forms. The event will showcase site-specific artworks curated by Kazuyo Sejima, an architect who has worked closely with the brand. Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore the historic architecture and the museum itself.

Customers who bought Prada Timecapsule items before the launch of the NFT initiative in June 2022 can now retroactively claim previous Timecapsule NFTs in coordination with their existing physical products. Over the past year, Prada has provided unique experiences to its community, such as trips to their fashion week shows in Milan and invitations to cultural events like Prada Extends and Prada Mode.

According to a recent press release, Prada expressed its excitement for further exploring the dynamic and constantly evolving NFT space. The brand also expressed its desire to collaborate with various creators and artists in the field.

The Prada Timecapsule drop is available for purchase for customers residing in selected countries, including the US, the UK, Italy, Japan, China, and more. The sale will last for only 24 hours, starting from May 4. Each drop is restricted to only 50 items, and in order to be eligible to buy, customers must have a Prada Timecapsule NFT in their wallet, be part of the Prada Crypto Discord community, and be verified as a holder.

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