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Pepsi Creates Their Own NFT Profile Picture Collection

Under parent company PepsiCo, cola beverage company Pepsi announced that it will be releasing a collection of 1,893 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through Pepsi Mic Drop on December 14.

Taking to Twitter, Pepsi clarified that the collection will only be made available to keen buyers on the waiting list. In other words, only the first 1,893 people on the list will have the opportunity to snag a Pepsi NFT.

Joining Budweiser in the metaverse, Pepsi adopts a different approach with releasing the NFTs for free where buyers only need to pay for gas fees.

To honour Pepsi’s prominent heritage revolving around music and pop culture, it is no surprise that the music industry plays a big role in the brand’s identity. The collection features the randomized traits of 10 microphones inspired by Pepsi flavours - a nod to Pepsi’s strong connection to music. These mics will include randomized features with certain rarities, with reference to other popular NFT collectible projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

As more and more industries embrace the advent of blockchain tech and NFT's, it is clear that this once very nascent technology is now starting to gain traction, especially with brands looking to capitalise on the tokenisation and value creation of digital assets. We've seen Budweiser and now Pepsi, who do you think will come next from the beverage industry?

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