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'Paperback Metaverse' Exhibit Combines Books and AR

Visitors scan paperback novels using their smartphones to unlock AR-powered NFTs.

ADAPTATIONS:LAND, an environmentally-conscious mixed media art exhibit, has just kicked off in San Fransisco. Available until November 13th, the gallery offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a number of thought-provoking installations.

This includes 'Paper Metaverse', a unique augmented reality (AR) exhibit by Nick Philip of the art collective Imaginary Foundation that blends cutting-edge technology with paperback books. Surrounded by classic literature, visitors scan real paperback novels using their smartphones to unlock AR-powered NFTs.

"This installation uses the forgotten pages of yesterday's novels to tell a collection of stories for tomorrow's shifting reality," said the Imaginary Foundation. "By contrasting an environment built from thousands of up cycled paperback novels with a dynamic layer of augmented reality activated NFTs, the Paperback Metaverse fuses the physical, the virtual and the sculptural."

Those lucky enough to find themselves in San Fransisco can check out Paperback Metaverse along with a number of other unique mixed media installations at The Drawing Room Annex.

The Paperback Metaverse is not the only one fusing the physical and digital worlds with Augmented Reality technology. Disney+ has just released its first AR-enabled short film where viewers can interact at the comfort of their homes, while Indonesian supermarket Prasarina launches a digital treasure-hunt shopping experience in-store.

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