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OPPO Hosts a Virtual Playground

The Chinese consumer electronics company flaunts its latest technological advancement where the physical and virtual worlds intersect for OPPO INNO Day.

In conjunction with OPPO INNO DAY, the Chinese mobile consumer brand takes on a playful approach to reveal its technological achievements with a virtual playground called "INNO WORLD". Rather than advertising, the future-thinking brand lets customers learn through experiencing first hand. The immersive universe opens the worldwide event to audiences across the globe to engage by getting involved in an interactive experience.

Similar to the physical world,

INNO WORLD lets attendees connect with others in a virtual setting through a personalised avatar.

As OPPO encourages community networking among guests,

attendees get to communicate with each other and mingle in groups to keep in touch while exploring the immersive online space.

This space mimics real-world points of interests, spanning from fashion to art and architecture. INNO World even lets guests complete quests to unlock accessories and discover Easter eggs from places like the Zaha Hadid-designed HQ.

INNO WORLD allows for friends to meet up for an art exhibition, among four virtual exhibition halls that feature dynamic imaging technologies such as Retractable Cameras, Under-screen Cameras and imaging NPU. Spectators can even watch the entire event and its keynote speeches live from Shenzhen in Central Square.

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