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Omega "Give Me the Moon" Valentine's AR Campaign

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Omega collaborated with Conten.T to launch a digital campaign for Valentine's month experience allows users to customised and send their loved ones messages through Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook. Using animated 3D motion visuals with multiple options for users to choose from allowed for a very sharable greeting experience.

When it comes to digital experiences it's always important to look at how seamless the user journey can be and the accessibility to reach the users across the world. This is the first thing we looked at when storyboarding the campaign for Omega. Creating the overall experience on web and then allowing users to link it directly to multiple platforms to share allowed for this experience to be seamlessly integrated.

The next important part is the addition of pleasing 3D motion animation and magical music effects that although not something that is the key foundation for the experience, but adds a layer of depth to the overall campaign.

In light of the current situation, being able to have to tap into the digital experience is key for a lot of brands to be able to engage with their audience.

This digital campaign was perfect to tie-in Valentine's Day with the iconic Omega Constellation collection and drive more interest among consumers. Apart from that, being that it is digital, it is easily scalable to be launched nationwide as well as globally.

Try the experience out for yourselves at

Don't forget to drop us a line if your brand is looking to explore the potential of future AR-powered campaigns, let's leap into the future one AR campaign at a time.

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