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Nike x JD Sports Launch AR Try-on on TikTok

In a campaign to support the launch of the new Nike Air VaporMax, sports fashion retailer JD has announced its new #JDVaporMaxShuffle initiative, an augmented reality shoe try-on.

The branded hashtag comes along with a dance challenge aimed to build excitement around the upcoming Nike launch, with fans being able to try the shoe on in multiple colours without having to leave their home.

JD will be the first UK retailer to launch this kind of campaign through TikTok, with the branded effect aimed to bring together a creative community. The partnership is in collaboration with TikTok’s Creative Lab, giving fans and shoppers the opportunity to try on the new shoe style using the 3D AR Branded Effect in three different colours.

This isn’t the first technology enhanced move by the sportswear giant JD. Earlier last year, the retailer launched an AR feature through its app that allowed customers to measure their shoe sizes with just the click of a button. Over 1,000 shoes sold by the company became available to ‘try-on’ using this feature making the online purchase of shoes a smoother process, especially during a year where in-person trials weren’t an option.

In addition to the visual elements of the challenge, JD and Nike have come together to release an exclusive music track to accompany the videos. Users are encouraged to use the hashtag #JDVaporMaxShuffle while dancing in the AR shoes, with an additional incentive of the chance to win a years supply of Nike trainers.

Nike is no stranger to creating AR experiences, one of the coolest experience was their Air Max day custom AR colouring book to customise your own Air Max in light of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 being postponed to 2021.

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