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Nike Enters Metaverse with Nikeland on Roblox

Nike went all-digital for its latest collaboration with Roblox.

The sportswear giant announced it has joined forces with the popular gaming franchise to create a virtual experience for gamers to connect, create, share experiences in their new Nikeland virtual space. According to the Swoosh, each of the buildings and fields featured within Nikeland is inspired by the brand’s physical headquarters.

Gamers who enter Nikeland will be able to play with their friends in various mini-games including tag, the floor is lava and dodgeball. In addition to the preset activities, gamers will also be given a Nikeland tool kit, which allows players to design their own mini-games from interactive sports materials.

Players will be able to compete for Blue Ribbons and Gold Medals with the first prize are used to get building materials for yards while the latter unlocks virtual products for avatars. In addition to getting products from the aforementioned medals, fans can also acquire virtual Nike gear including apparel and footwear for their avatars via the digital showroom.

Although Nikeland is predominantly a virtual experience, gamers can utilize the accelerometers in their mobile devices and their real-life movements that transfer into in-game moves like long jumps or speed runs.

“Welcome to Nikeland, where sport has no rules. Tag on trampolines? Why not. Floor is lava with a dash of parkour? Let’s go. Give classic games a fresh twist—the future of sport is yours to create,” Nike wrote about its new Nikeland experience.

The Nike x Roblox Nikeland world is open to gamers now at

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