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NFT Holders Gain Exclusive Access to Steve Aoki's Unreleased Track 'Wild'

A0K1VERSE holders can now exclusively listen to Steve Aoki's newest track 'Wild' for 48 hours before its public release.

Steve Aoki is boldly innovating the music industry by temporarily releasing his latest track 'Wild' exclusively to A0K1VERSE NFT holders, giving them a two-day head start before the rest of the world can listen to it. As a 2x Grammy-nominated DJ, Aoki is pushing the boundaries of music distribution with this token-gated release.

Through Audius, a decentralised music platform that empowers artists with complete independence and income generation through the $AUDIO token, the track is currently being previewed. With 7 million monthly users and a global community of music enthusiasts, Audius is among the world's largest decentralised apps.

Steve Aoki's token-gated track is a way to express his appreciation for his loyal fans and incentivise digital collectible ownership. By granting A0K1VERSE NFT holders exclusive access to his latest track, Aoki creates a sense of exclusivity around the release, elevating the value of these digital collectibles.

Not only that, Steve Aoki also joins forces with Takis to boost the release of 'Wild' on various digital platforms, through online video and audio spots. This collaboration will maximise the release's impact and reach out to a wider audience, while NFT holders can enjoy the added benefit of early access to listening.

The music industry is embracing NFTs as a way to provide exclusive content to fans, and Steve Aoki's move to create a token-gated track himself is a prime example of this. Aoki's move underscores the potential of this technology to enhance the fan loyalty and experience.

The fusion of music and blockchain has a new exciting development thanks to Steve Aoki's recent announcement. Aoki's loyal fans now have a reason to celebrate, as they will be the first to hear his highly-anticipated track and have bragging rights to boot.

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