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Nestlé Cereals Makes History as the First Breakfast Cereal Brand to Join the Metaverse

Join the Nestlé Cereals Metaclub: Explore unique digital attractions in an immersive virtual world.

Nestlé Breakfast Cereals manufacturer, Cereal Partners Worldwide, is offering an interactive metaverse experience that takes fans on a journey beyond the confines of their cereal bowls. As a prominent player in the breakfast cereal industry, the company is exploring new ways to engage with its audience through cutting-edge technology.

The Nestlé Cereals Metaclub is organising a large area on Decentraland that includes 10 distinct virtual experiences.

This will provide access to online challenges focused on sustainability, NFTs with tangible rewards, and a digital lounge on Anghami. The lounge will offer specially selected playlists along with free subscriptions to Anghami Plus.

Nehmatallah Younes, Business Executive Office of Cereal Partners Worldwide in the Middle East & North Africa, expressed excitement in being the first breakfast cereal company to join the metaverse. He stated that their aim is to provide engaging and beneficial experiences for their customers while promoting their brands. In addition, the company hopes to increase awareness about sustainability through their dedicated attractions. All of this is aligned with their purpose of "Making Breakfast Better."

“Our Nestlé Cereals Metaclub offers a unique channel to engage and connect with younger audiences, educate them on the topics of sustainability, while taking them through an omnichannel brand experience,” said Bahaa Boulmona, Brand Manager, Cereal Partners Worldwide, Middle East & North Africa.

Qossay Al Sattari, Distribution Partnerships Lead, Anghami, commented: “At Anghami we strongly believe in innovation and in offering customers unique entertainment experiences that have a positive social impact. This initiative is a great example of innovation meeting sustainability.”

The Nestlé Cereals Metaclub places a significant emphasis on regenerative agriculture, with a specific focus on this concept. The metaclub includes a designated "Rainforest Corner" that is partnered with the Rainforest Alliance, designed to increase awareness on sustainability projects and encourage donations. Additionally, a "Nestlé Cocoa Plan Zone" showcases the responsible sourcing of cocoa. The metaclub also features a virtual breakfast cereal factory that is modelled after Nestlé's Karacabey Factory in Turkey. This factory highlights the efficient use of renewable energy.

Users can easily access the Nestlé Cereals Metaclub by selecting their preferred avatar and then commencing their exploration of the space.

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