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MTV reaches new audiences via the metaverse with "VMA Experience"

MTV has launched a virtual experience for its 2022 Video Music Awards (VMAs) inside metaverse gaming platform Roblox, to open its doors to new audiences and educate them on the new platform.

The temporary experience, which runs through September 3rd, welcomes fans to an immersive music and dance-themed installation that serves as a new category companion to MTV's award categories for this year's "Best Metaverse Performance."

The experience includes games, recording studio sessions, a party with the notorious Moon Man, a digital red carpet, billboard advertisements, and more. The installation was designed by game publisher, Super League Gaming, which has previously designed games for MTV and Paramount.

For the first time in the history of the VMA's, fans/users will be given the opportunity to vote for the winner of the award-ceremony's newest category, by participating in three different games that will be released each Friday up and until the event. Through the games, players can earn MTC tokens which are used to vote for the new category's winner.

"The MTV Video Music Awards has a long history of social and digital innovations, as we always look to meet our fans where they are. We are thrilled to work with our friends at Super League Gaming for the VMA Experience on Roblox, which will give our fans an exclusive opportunity to experience the VMAs like never before - in the metaverse," said Amy Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer at Paramount Media Networks and MTV Entertainment Studios.

Traditionally, MTV's VMAs have been the centre of the music industry's culture and evolution. After shaping the nostalgia '90s generation with music's most memorable moments, the more recent award shows have lost touch with their viewers.

Last year's show witnessed weakened engagement and a decline in viewership by 31 percent. With the growing popularity of brands entering the metaverse, it seems that MTV, by and through Paramount, is looking to revamp its branding and adjust to today's preferred digital audience.

Encouraging the music space to become more accepting of the virtual setting, MTV aims to spread its event to more participants than ever before through interactive online technologies.

"One of the most exciting things about it is that it brings the VMA experience to people wherever they are in the world," added Campbell.

This year's VMAs will include nominated artists like Ariana Grande, BTS, Justin Bieber and Twenty One Pilots.

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