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Louboutin Augmented Reality for Spring Summer

Christian Louboutin unveiled his Spring Summer 2022 men's collection using augmented and virtual reality. The designer took advantage of the work from home era, exploring digital territories with Loubifuture, the name of his latest collection

Starting off with a music video featuring pop star, Julien Granel, Loubifuture creates a unique and colorful experience. The virtual reality experience leads to a double showroom, where you can view displays of the latest collection. The first room is a celebration of their new sneaker, the Arpoador, where five sneakers are on display. Upon clicking on each displayed sneaker, you are able to view a 360-degree rotation of the models, which showcase every part of the sneaker. The sneakers, which are in five different colorways of black, beige, red, grey, and white, contrast perfectly with the purple and blue showroom background.

Upon leaving the first room, a rollercoaster takes you on a journey to the second room. The coaster leads you on a track around purple archways, smoke, and a rainbow-like tunnel. The second room, the Argosphere, showcases the next part of the collection, featuring handbags and shoes, with their famous red bottom. The shoes, designed in black calf leather and silver antispecchio are decorated with buckles, spikes, and a light sole. The accessories on display three of their newest additions, the BackParis backpack, the LoubiTown pouch, and the Ruistote bag, which come in colorways of silver, black, ad red detailing.

Each item is available for scan via a QR code, which gives you details and prices on the items. Explore Christian Louboutin's Loubifuture augmented reality collection at

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