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L'Oréal teams up with Ready Player Me to launch beauty products in the metaverse

The brand announced yesterday that products from Maybelline New York and L'Oréal Professional are now accessible on more than 4,000 virtual experiences.

L'Oréal Group is doubling down on its metaverse efforts with a partnership with avatar creation platform Ready Player Me.

Yesterday, the beauty products giant announced that two of its most preeminent brands – Maybelline New York and L'Oréal Professional – have released "exclusive makeup and hairstyles for avatar creation on Ready Player Me that can be used on more than 4,000 platforms and apps worldwide."

"We believe that the future of beauty will be physical, digital and virtual," Asmita Dubey, chief digital and marketing officer at "L'Oréal Group, said in a statement. "Our brands are creating new, immersive and virtual experiences using virtual spaces, in-game customised experiences, in-virtual world advertising and virtual ambassadors and influencers. We are very excited to lay the foundations for the future of beauty on web3 and the metaverse."

As the metaverse evolves, a growing amount of emphasis is being placed on avatars – basically virtual identities that may or may not resemble their physical counterparts. Much of the excitement that's recently been percolating around the metaverse has come from the fact that, in virtual worlds, identity can be much more malleable than in the physical world. This is a concept that will be familiar to anyone who's read or seen Ready Player One – the namesake of Ready Player Me.

Many web3 enthusiasts dream of building an interoperable metaverse – that is, a virtual realm, subdivided into many different experiences, through which assets and avatars can flow seamlessly. Ready Player Me is a "cross-game" platform, meaning it has taken a major step in the direction of interoperability by allowing individuals to build avatars that remain consistent across a wide range of virtual experiences. The platform describes its avatars as "your passport to the metaverse."

L'Oréal also recently announced that it is partnering with Meta and French business school SEC Paris to launch an upcoming support program for web3 startups.

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