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Keep Up With The Metaverse: Mugler, L'Oréal and Puma

It seems that several luxury brands are making moves in the Web3 space, with Mugler, L'Oréal, and Puma all launching metaverse campaigns or collections. Mugler's partnership with Marc Tudisco is drawing attention, but some are unsure if the brand has successfully entered the metaverse. Meanwhile, L'Oréal is using AI to create a personalized experience for consumers in the Chinaverse, and Puma is set to release its #SuperPUMA collection with the help of prominent creatives. It will be interesting to see how these campaigns perform and whether they pave the way for more luxury brands to enter the Web3 space.

Could Mugler's release of digital collectibles become a warning example for luxury brands and their attempts to navigate the Web3 space?

Mugler, a major fashion brand from France, has partnered with digital 3D artist Marc Tudisco, who has previously collaborated with Apple and Nike, to create a metaverse experience. The project consists of a series of virtual collectibles inspired by the Mugler Angel talisman, which is designed to be an inclusive and otherworldly range of tokens. The 300 collectibles have already sold out on OpenSea since their launch on February 7th, and Mugler announced on their official Twitter profile that customers who own the Angel's digital art collectible will be able to claim their utility from February 20th - a premium metal print of their exclusive Angel.

Mugler's recent collectibles drop, despite selling out quickly, has left some audiences feeling unsure about the value and benefits of the purchase. Many are questioning the meaning of the "premium metal" print promised to holders and what further utility the collectibles will offer. Mugler's responses to these queries have been unclear, which has caused frustration among some members of the community. Some have called for better communication channels, such as a Discord server, to be put in place to address these concerns.

This lack of communication and evasive responses has been a major issue for luxury brands entering the metaverse. As virtual assets become more normalized in the luxury space, brands cannot afford to produce collections that are perceived as lacking or disappointing. Mugler's ability to address these concerns and provide clear, meaningful benefits to its community may be crucial to its success in the Web3 space. Whether the brand can bounce back and salvage its community and Web3 roadmap remains to be seen.

L'Oréal's 'Love In Red' Valentine's Day Themed Virtual Pop-Up

L'Oréal has created a Valentine's Day-themed virtual pop-up store called "Love in Red" on the Tmall platform in China. The pop-up store features virtual reality experiences that allow customers to try on makeup products and accessories in a romantic setting. Customers can also personalize their own perfume bottles and participate in interactive games. The "Love in Red" pop-up is part of L'Oréal's efforts to establish a stronger presence in China's digital market and offer innovative and engaging experiences to Chinese consumers. The pop-up has been well-received, with many customers sharing their positive experiences on social media.

This virtual space allowed customers to make purchases within a digitally-rendered environment. The campaign utilized AI technology to enhance the shopping experience, offering a gift box recommendation function that customers could use to customize their purchases for loved ones. L'Oréal's "Love In Red" campaign reflects the brand's efforts to embrace digital innovation and provide engaging experiences for its customers in the metaverse.

Puma's 75th Birthday Is Honoured By 10,000 PFP Collection

To celebrate its 75th birthday, sports brand Puma has collaborated with its metaverse creator community to launch a collection of 10,000 unique Puma-themed profile picture (PFP) NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain. The PFPs were designed by a group of 19 creators, including 3D artists, designers, and animators, and were sold through an open edition drop on OpenSea. The Puma x Metaverse project is part of the brand's broader strategy to expand its presence in the digital world and engage with its global community of fans and customers in new and innovative ways.

The #SuperPUMA drop is a digital interpretation of the brand's cartoon mascot, also called Super PUMA, who featured in a comic book the sportswear giant released in the 1970s, and will celebrate some of the greatest sporting moments throughout Puma's history.

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