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Kangol x H&M feat Mabel: A streetwear collab with a twist of Social AR Gamification

Kangol is a legendary label of streetwear, instantly recognized for its kangaroo logo and iconic bucket hats. An English brand founded in the 1920s, Kangol’s bucket hats became an essential part of the look that evolved from ‘80s and ‘90s hip-hop culture. It’s the same authenticity that today makes Kangol a streetwear wardrobe staple for fans all over the world. "Kangol is excited to work with H&M and Mabel on this collaboration. The collection perfectly captures the essence of Kangol today, full of fresh updates on streetwear style,” says Hamish Morjaria, head of Brand Partnerships and Licensing at Kangol. Mabel is one of the most in-demand stars in the world right now, with over half a billion streams of her tracks like Don’t Call Me Up, Mad Love and Boyfriend. She writes her own songs and defines her own style, a headstrong attitude of creativity and self-respect that touches everything she does. “I am so proud to be part of this self-made generation of young people finding their own voice no matter who they are or where they come from,” says Mabel.

The collection captures the perfect Kangol wardrobe for the self-made generation like Mabel: fresh, authentic and fun. “It’s the ‘90s streetwear attitude updated for today, a style that Mabel has made her own,” as Emily Björkeheim, H&M's head of Design at Divided, puts it: “Kangol x H&M collection feat. Mabel is a dream collaboration for us at H&M, uniting an iconic streetwear brand with one of the most authentic and genuine young music artists around.”

H&M aims to connect with a target audience of Gen Z consumers by focusing its promotion of the Kangol collection on Instagram. By creating a set of AR filters attached to a video clip featuring Mabel, the retailer is urging people to engage with its brand by creating their own videos to share with others. While the campaign does not include a hashtag challenge, it has the power to reach a larger group of consumers as people create personalized music videos and post them online, a social media trend popularized by TikTok. .

Check out the AR filters here:

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