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Is Sci-Fi becoming reality with Virtual Fashion & Augmented Reality?

Clothing that grows on the skin, digital fashion shows held exclusively on the metaverse, augmented reality shoes: You would be mistaken for thinking these are a fabricated folly or part of a sci-fi movie script. They are, however, some of the crucial and very real elements responsible for catapulting the fashion industry into the next century, today.

The pandemic disrupted the fashion industry to its core and forced brands to figure out new ways of connecting with customers – especially in digital-only environments. While the result of this rift has been cataclysmic for many, those who had the means to move online, or adapt smart, forward-thinking technologies, have thrived.

As the first digital fashion brand to show at a major global fashion week in London later this year, Auroboros is breaking into the mainstream. The science-meets-fashion label creates hyperfuturistic, real-life couture garments and digital-only, ready-to-wear garments that crystalise and metamorphosise over time.

The brand says that one in 10 people admit to buying clothes “solely for social media” and that those outfits can now be digital-only, which “produce 97 per cent less emissions that physical items”.

Indeed fashion and beauty giants are already leveraging augmented reality, which was made ubiquitous by social media platforms Snapchat and Instagram, as a powerful “try-before-you-buy” tool.

In a click of a button, Garnier’s Virtual Shade Selector will allow you to try on your favourite make-up shade before committing to a purchase, Mac Cosmetics’ make-up filters provide a near 100 per cent accuracy to the real thing, Sally Hansen will give you a digital manicure and Benefit Cosmetics Brow Try-On allows users to try on 15 brow shapes in 12 shades. Following the success of Gucci’s landmark partnership with Snapchat in 2020, which enabled users to virtually try on Gucci sneakers (nearly 19 million Snapchat users have tried on Gucci products using the filter to date), users will now be able to try on clothing, glasses, purses and bracelets virtually from Farfetch, Prada and Piaget with upgraded technology that detects and responds to body movements and facial dimensions.

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