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Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Where Web2 was established by corporate giants, Web3 is defined by a host of revolutionary new technologies that have evolved the way brands and consumers interact with one another. Many brands like Gucci and Dior are already experimenting with NFTs and virtual worlds (a.k.a the metaverse) to drive brand awareness and increase customer loyalty in a way that just is not possible through social media or e-commerce channels. These big leaps into technology can be challenging to implement, especially localising the NFT experience across different regions due to global restrictions and the pressure of brands to create long term NFT executions, especially in the beginning... Until B3 NFT 'Brands on Web3'.

Why should brands localise their NFT campaigns and experiences?

Tailored strategies that appeal to different regions lets brands connect with customers accurately. A localised experience crafts an NFT plan that targets even more specifically than a global one, focusing on a smaller scale, regional targeting and independently creating NFT campaigns/experiences without interfering with a brand's global plans. B3 is that platform that helps brands create localised NFT experiences to reach more targeted audiences while enticing new consumers to explore existing NFT plans.

B3 NFT is the latest NFT platform and collection that opens doors into Web3 through immersive tokengated experiences, without the restrictions of global protocols and initiations.

B3 NFT enables brands to push their own boundaries in delivering targeted experiences to reach consumers from anywhere around the globe. As we enter the phase of the NFT life-cycle where consumers ask the question "I have my NFT, what can I do with it?", B3 provides the technology and expertise for brands to answer that question. Before we chug along, lets first answer the very important question and that is "what is tokengating?"

Tokengated experiences

The term 'token gating', essentially means your NFT (or token) is a key to access a gated experience by connecting your digital wallet that has the aforementioned NFT on it. Thus, Tokengated experiences add value to an NFT by allowing the holder exclusive access to a community, content, or even physical product(s) in addition to the digital token. By token gating (or adding utility to an NFT), brands can offer perks to select customers and appeal to the Web3 community. B3 takes the idea of token gating and ramps it up a few levels.

With the B3 Brand Partner Program, brands can collaborate with B3 to launch groundbreaking tokengated experiences, alongside other perks. Currently B3 is offering its brand partners access to 4 main types of digital experiences.

What you can expect from being a part of B3 NFT is a spot alongside the coolest brands around the globe in one, singular gateway to create boundary-breaking experiences for users. Brands can opt from a selection of ready-made experiences or create bespoke customised campaigns, tailor-made to engage with holders from different regions. This will grant unparalleled access to exclusive experiences and rewards to appeal better to consumers.

To better understand the B3 NFT from a holder's perspective, it is a pass that grants access to the hottest brand collaborations and experiences on the platform. B3 was never intended to be an NFT that one purchases to resell after. Rather, its benefits come from holding and using it to unlock access to participate in immersive brand experiences.

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