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Innovative Fashion Brand ACRONYM Steps into Web3 in Collaboration with Republic of Gamers

Alongside the launch of a highly anticipated gaming device is a variety of physical and digital experiences to be unlocked through the community’s access pass, the WRKGRP Beacon.

Innovative and utility-driven fashion brand ACRONYM, founded by Errolson Hugh, has announced that it will be stepping into the world of Web3 through a collaboration with Republic of Gamers (ROG).

The collaboration consists of the release of the highly anticipated ROG FLOW Z13-ACRNM RMT02 multi-functional gaming device, as well as a broader ecosystem titled the WRKGRP BEACON Program. By obtaining a digital key, holders will gain access to various physical and digital experiences that utilize Web3 and augmented reality (AR) technology.

For nearly three decades, ACRONYM has been at the forefront of the technical apparel industry, known for its fusion of advanced functionality and cutting-edge tech. As a result and over time, the brand has amassed a dedicated following of collectors and fans, with which the brand is continuously finding new ways to create deeper connections to.

The next step in that journey includes the expansion of its ecosystem into the world of Web3 with ROG through WRKGRP.

“We’ve always been driven by a desire to push the boundaries of design, and this initiative is no different. We see the potential of the blockchain to revolutionize how we tell our story and ultimately how we engage with our community,” shared ACRONYM’s founder Errolson Hugh, adding that “by leveraging our technical expertise and fearless approach to experimentation, we believe we can help shape the future of how brands connect to their community.”

To provide access to this new ecosystem, the partners have designed the WRKGRP BEACON, which serves as a collectible, access key, membership credential, and symbol of affiliation within the ACRONYM® community. In addition to the various physical and digital experiences it unlocks, the brand shared that it will also grant access to physical and digital “unlocks.”

However, these keys can not be purchased, instead, they are designed to be earned — to earn a WRKGRP BEACON key, interested parties must participate in various multiple-location-based augmented reality experiences, using the Yumego app.

In a press release shared with Hypemoon, the brand explained that “the term ‘WRKGRP’ refers to the collection of brands, artists, creatives, designers, and participants who collaborate in the RMT narrative. The BEACON Program is open to join but more dedicated players and ROG FLOW Z13-ACRNM RMT02 device owners will be granted access to special edition BEACONS.”

Additionally, Rod Chong, the Creative Director of the BEACON project, shared that “Web3 technologies give us many new ways to invite customers into a deeper brand connection: what was once a passive audience can now be participants in an unfolding cinematic world,” adding that “since ACRONYM has always attracted die-hard collectors, it’s especially exciting to be able to deploy physical and digital collectibles into what we hope will become an active, vibrant community.”

Already, the ecosystem has partnered with several leading Web3 names to bring its initiatives to life, including solution providers like Crossmint, tokenproof, POAP, IYK, Perk Shop, and more.

To view a full list of physical and digital collectibles, as well as their requirements for redemption, and release dates, participants can visit the WRKGRP Supply Depot.

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