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Hyper-Real Digital Fashion is the Future

The gap between reality and fantasy is quickly closing with no limits to what can be accomplished in the fast-paced current day. It's no doubt that we're on our way to the Metaverse with Virtual and Augmented Reality. Some may ask, "Just how real can digital get with fashion?".

The lines between physical and digital is continuously being blurred in fashion today, from digital showrooms to AI models and all the possibilities in between. We really are living in the future as we speak. It wouldn't be a surprise to stumble upon 3-Dimensional, 360-degree virtual stores that have been created fully digitally. Some don't even need to have a physical presence in real life to be made accessible virtually.

These concepts work because it puts emphasis on engaging experiences. A virtual store lets retailers capture most aspects of a physical store, making it accessible to anyone to visit by keeping to the core experience that allows customers to "walk", browse and shop as they would in reality. Along with virtual retailers come digital showrooms, and even digital models that have digital clothes to wear.

Pushing boundaries between the physical and digital, the fashion industry has also been utilitizing digital influencers. Hyper-realistic influencers like Digital Avatar Miquela have built over three million Instagram followers herself, and even landed her own Calvin Klein ad campaign alongside supermodel Bella Hadid. Upon emergence, Lil Miquela's creators have closed a $125 million investment, which is hard-to-ignore proof that virtual influencers would be the future of ads, fashion and commerce moving forward.

Stepping up into streetwear culture within fashion, the gap between digital and reality has never been this narrow. Luxury fashion houses like Gucci have taken the lead in experimenting with virtual sneakers - a move that has been undoubtedly a game changer in the fashion industry. On the come up, Dior has also followed closely with a Snapchat collaboration that allows users to try on their B27 sneaker. This added feature also provides the option for customers to purchase their own pair (in physical form), straight off the app, sealing in the purchase with a seamless transaction.

With fashion moving toward a digital route, it is safe to say that the future of fashion is here and it is as real as it can get.

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