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Fashion in Play: Tommy Hilfiger’s Game-Changing Venture, FashionVerse.

Tommy Hilfiger, through his investment firm Hilfiger Ventures, in collaboration with Joe Lamastra has ventured into the realm of mobile gaming with a new fashion styling game aimed at millennial and older Gen Z fashion enthusiasts. FashionVerse, the game, is available on iOS and Android devices where it is breaking new ground as the first mobile game to utilize generative AI to enhance 3D visuals, elevating its graphics beyond current market standards.

This free-to-play game allows players to style life-like avatars with realistic 3D outfits, backdrops, and props in a unified user environment. Users can participate in styling challenges, vote on mood boards, and purchase additional pieces or win rewards to expand their virtual wardrobe. Tommy Hilfiger sees gaming as a potential retail platform of the future, drawing parallels with the rise of e-sports and noting the substantial shopping activity that occurs during gameplay.

Traditionally, mobile gaming graphics have been a sticking point for fashion brands and consumers alike. To bridge this gap, FashionVerse integrates generative AI to enhance details like fabric textures and shadows, providing a more sophisticated visual experience. The avatars in the game represent diverse sizes, ethnicities, and abilities, ensuring inclusivity and representation.

Developed by Brandible Games and published by Tilting Point, FashionVerse offers up-to-date clothing inspired by current trends. However, future collaborations with fashion, entertainment, art, and beauty brands will introduce branded pop-ups within the game, offering players digital replicas of physical products and exclusive digital content.

The goal of FashionVerse is to create a unique balance between playfulness and fashion, ensuring the game is both enjoyable and stylish. The gaming industry is seeing tremendous revenue growth and is expected to rise over the coming years exceeding the boundaries that were set for it in the past. This strikes a huge opportunity for fashion brands to leverage a broadened revenue stream while engaging with younger audiences.

FashionVerse caters to traditional fashion consumers, however, is helping them evolve into a new generation of fashion customers who find the desire for self-expression and customization. With partnerships and potential commerce integrations on the horizon, FashionVerse aims to become a staple in the gaming landscape, drawing in players with its immersive and addictive gameplay. 

Looking ahead, Tommy Hilfiger envisions a future where players can create their user-generated content, and design their clothes within the game. Mobile games like FashionVerse are poised to become the next frontier in entertainment, captivating players and drawing them in with their engaging and immersive experiences while also creating a platform for future fashion designers out there.

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