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Fashion Spotlight: Auroboros, The Digital Fashion Brand Breaking Through

Article Courtesy of Vogue Business

As written by Vogue Busines, Auroboros is blooming. This month, the experimental design duo made up of Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova will become the first to show a digital-only ready-to-wear collection at a major global fashion week. Auroboros will show a 14-piece collection via a virtual show during London Fashion Week’s DiscoveryLAB, an immersive platform for emerging brands, on 12 June, joining a small group of other ready-to-wear brands that have been in business for less than three years.

Digital fashion is on the rise: a digital Gucci bag just resold on Roblox for $4,115, more than the cost of the physical version. Burberry and Farfetch unveiled a 3D world to promote new bags, while Farfetch and Prada are using digital try-on on Snapchat. Meanwhile, a host of marketplaces are positioning themselves to become de facto destinations for digital fashion.

Auroboros’s acceptance at LFW positions digital designs in the same context as emerging physical brands, rather than being relegated to a digital-only dedicated space. This could help the brand, and the concept of digital fashion, break through to a more mainstream, traditional audience. For their 10-minute LFW presentation, Auroboros is planning a mixed reality experience with physical models wearing digital garments, and tapped Sita Abellán, a Spanish DJ, model, designer and stylist, to style the show. They are also working with The Institute of Digital Fashion to create a London billboard featuring an augmented reality try-on experience using Snapchat technology.

Luxury brands might take note. “We are seeing more and more fashion houses working in 3D and thinking about digital wearables as more than just in-game skins, but an extension of ourselves,” says Sam Field, director of creative technology at Ryot Studios, with whom Auroboros is also planning a future project. “This could have a positive impact on representation, democratisation and sustainability. For Auroboros to hone in on nature and living organisms as their design inspiration is a great juxtaposition with digital, and they clearly have aspirations of moving into our world of real-time virtual production and XR.”

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